Sell yourself on paper, sell yourself in person

Broadly speaking, people with a PhD are considered highly skilled and trained. However, there is an assumption that we are ‘everyologists’ – skilled across all aspects of academic research, including how to best ‘sell’ ourselves to nail that great postdoc or job. But the question one has to ask is: are we good at selling ourselves on paper, and in person? Some of us are naturals, but it’s mostly learned behaviour – you need training!

The half-day, interactive professional development workshop being held at the Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide on Tuesday 17th of November will explore what your CV and your ‘presence’ say about you. You will gain perspectives from an academic’s and professional recruiter’s point of view.

How do we create that winning CV that sets us apart from the rest? How do we nail that interview? In terms of the CV, we commonly use our supervisor’s or fellow students’ CVs to get ideas of what the key ingredients should be. But, does it reflect who we really are? I have seen hundreds of CVs – most are same, same. But when you come across a really ‘good’ one, it stands out. You sit up in your chair and take notice! The workshop will provide you with some tools to create a winning CV.

At interview, how does our language, body language and our social media presence inform the interviewer that you are ‘the one’? This is difficult, because in academic research, people are assessing you constantly -you are a walking potential candidate! Your next boss could be in the audience at the conference you are presenting at, or at the department seminar, and therefore it is important that you display professionalism at all times. We will also look at your social media presence – how does your image stand up? Future employers and recruiters often and quickly get an idea of you from the what they see in the public domain! We will look at what interviewers are really looking for. And, since we all know practice makes perfect… we get to practice interviews with one another!

The workshop will be interactive, fun, informal and relaxed. Get your questions answered by the workshop’s facilitators, who have seen literally hundreds of CVs and interviewed hundreds of candidates. Get their inside perspectives on how to ‘sell’ yourself!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Dr Sarah Meachem
ASMR President Elect


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