Why you can’t afford to miss this meeting: AHMRC 2014

Have you had the opportunity to watch the promotional video for the upcoming Australian Health and Medical Research Congress (AHMRC), featuring Laureate Professor Peter Doherty? If not, I urge you to spend three and a half minutes doing so
(link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwqgCaHH4I0 )

In this video, Professor Doherty describes how the research landscape has changed dramatically over the course of his career. The era of transdisciplinary research – or ‘team science’ – is well and truly here. Transdisciplinary research brings together researchers and stakeholders from diverse disciplines to work towards solving a common scientific goal. It can involve professionals from fields not immediately recognised as having a role in medical research, such as physics, material science, mathematics and engineering.

Government and NGO funding bodies see the enormous potential of transdisciplinary research to maximise investment in health and medical research, and facilitate translation into policy and practice. To remain competitive in today’s research environment, scientists must be able to work with investigators from diverse disciplines, and develop boundary-crossing innovative methodologies.

AHMRC 2014 presents an opportunity for you to accelerate your research career! Learn how to engage in transdisciplinary research and fast-track your path to discovery. Congress will open on the afternoon of Sunday 16th November, with a panel discussion featuring internationally renowned experts in transdisciplinary research. From Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th November, symposia will cover the use of “omics” and bioinformatics in transdisciplinary research as well as innovations in this area and in fundamental research, in translation into prevention and therapeutic strategies, and in the epidemiology of chronic diseases. Other sessions range from nanoparticles to photobiology and cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, sleep and mental health, and indigenous health. The Congress program features several professional development workshops, a student breakfast session with Prof Peter Doherty and Prof Josef Penninger, and free oral presentations and poster sessions. For the first time, we are hosting a Congress dinner for all delegates to come together for a great night of food, wine and networking at the Crown River Room.

I hope you can join us in Melbourne at the state-of-the-art Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre this November, for AHMRC 2014.

Associate Professor Gilda Tachedjian
Program Organising Convenor, AHMRC 2014


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